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Korcula 80 km - a trip to Korčula, combined bus and boat tour with the sightseeing of the old town.
Korčula is a Croatian island in the Adriatic Sea near the Dalmatian coast. The three largest sites on Korčula are: the capital Korčula, Blato in the interior and a small port site Vela Luka in the west of the island.
The island was inhabited even in prehistoric times. The oldest finds are from the Old Stone Age, in Vela Spilja (cave).

There are many disputings, but other than some other cities (Venice, Istanbul), it is considered that Marco Polo was born on Korčula in1254. In the capital city, there is a house for which it is believed that in it Marco Polo was born. Actually, the street and the part of the city (according to existing records that exists even today), where today is placed so called house of Marco Polo correspond to the area which since the earliest days belongs to the family of Polo.

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